A year ago today, Kurt and I started this comic, a platform that would stretch our (very) humble abilities as story tellers and artists. It’s been an exciting year for the two of us, filled with laughter, frustration, and epiphanies (oh and pizza), slowly chiseling the characters and story. I’m looking forward to some of the things we have discussed for Jonah and the crew and can’t wait to get there. In the remander of this chapter and the next, we begin to really know everyone. Vices and virtues. We’ll finally get to see Jonah in action.

Thanks so much to our friends and family for sharing this experience with us. Here’s to another year!



Yeah you really fail to realize how much work you’ve done sometimes till you stop and look back and remember that you created a comic and kept it going. While we weren’t always steady about our releases (oops) we never gave up… which I think is good.

May we continue to create and more importantly improve.