So this is Kyle writing for once. Drinking coffee, trying to be a normal morning person. (kidding, I’ve been up all night, but I am drinking a sludge that could be coffee.)

I wanted to let you guys know that I am (or well, the website is to be more accurate) taking a hiatus for the next week or so. I’ve been displeased with some of the quality of the pages I’ve been posting lately, so my plan is to meet with Kurt and really work on the next few. Hopefully in doing so I can start getting ahead and have content posted on time, so there will be less guessing for you as to when this comic will be updated.

The comic will return to a monday/friday posting schedule when we pick back up. My zealous M/W/F updates I did for a while were too much for me to handle at this point with all my other work that needs to be done (the stuff that keeps my sorry ass alive). Someday hopefully we will update three times a week and I will be pleased, maybe so will you.

The current chapter, Blackouts, is almost over which is kind of exciting to think about. Despite some of my personal shortcomings, I have been pretty pleased with how far we have gotten in this story. It’s weird to think that a few months ago, I only had a few character doodles and a general idea of what I wanted the story to be. Kurt has really worked hard on creating a story for me to draw and I’m very thankful for it. We are still pretty green to the whole comic creation process but look forward to the future.

In non PoJT news I have been working on drawing monsters for the entire month of November with a few of my friends over on our blog. I, for one, am quite pleased with how my adaptation of Cthulhu turned out. Today, being Halloween, we will be posting the remainder of our illustrations that we had created. It should be cool. John Spriggs’ pieces are especially worth checking out as they were created as a consistent series of mythical creatures. Jason Flack, who also contributes to the blog, has been working on creating a web comic of his own which will also be unveiled today. I’ve been looking forward to it all month. Be sure to check out!